Legend has it that when the Zulu King Shaka tasted the water in 1828, he proclaimed 'Kanti amanza mtoti' or 'so, the water is sweet'. Toti - as it is often known was situated within a colonial decreed 'Native Reserve' until about 1928, when it was surveyed as a 'white town'. It was during this time that the railway was opened in December 1897, as well as the first hotel. Amanzimtoti eventually gained municipal status in September 1952. It is a warm and friendly holiday resort town with a wonderful blend of cultures and thankfully retains its African heritage today. To read more on Shaka Zulu click here (Courtesy



and Now...


Back into the 21st Century and you can see why Amanzimtoti is ranked as one of the best seaside

destinations in South Africa.


Situated along the Sapphire Coast with some of the most spectacular sea views and heritage sites.

Taking a walk along Toti's coastline will leave you breathless in 2 ways: It is a long walk (with many places to stop and get something to eat and drink) and the view is magnificent.

Toti, as referred to by the locals, is also often visited by Dolphins and Whales.


Toti is a growing town with ever increasing property developments, including the more recent Arbour Crossing Shopping Centre which covers an area of 38000 square metres.

Arbour Crossing is an unbelievable experience, offering over 40 different stores.

Another ongoing project is the 85000 square metre Galleria Regional Shopping Mall.



Toti Main Beach is well looked

after and offers a lot more

than just sand 'n surf

Toti Main Beach also has a

pool situated on the rocks

for those that prefer water

without waves


Everywhere along Toti's waters

you will find clean beaches and

friendly locals

A fast-growing sport and hobby,

Kite Surfing in Winkelspruit

 is admired by the locals and guests


Apart from the swimming you

can try your hand at fishing

from Toti's rocks